What are Nadi Dosh and its remedies?

Vedic astrology believes thatnadi dosh is one of the unlucky doshas in the world in terms of guna matching. It is believed that if a couple is married to nadi dosh, they will encounter various physical and mental health issues. Some severe and chronic conditions can happen as a nadi dosha effect on a couple.

Marriages are filled with problems, and facing them with your partner by your side is the essence, but nadi dosha can be a game changer and bring unsolvable issues to married life.

According to astrology, there is a specific time to marry, which is also essential to know. Know the time of marriage with astrological help.Nadi dosha might be present in your kundalini, and you will not be able to experience it until you go to a specialist for guna matching. Guna match checks a couple’s compatibility and whether they can spend life with each other with their significant likes and dislikes.

There are various Nadi Dosha Effects: know them

There are 36 points in nadi, with Nadi having the most, i.e., 8. Nadi dosha occurs when there is a mismatch or bad relation between two people’s nadis. This can cause unfortunate nadi dosha effects such as lack of attraction towards a partner and health issues for either of the people, there will be many disputes, and this agreement in the conversation of the couple these are some of the effects of Nadi dosha in marriage, poverty will be present and lack of ability to fulfill basic needs.

Arya Nadi, Madhya Nadi, and Antya Nadi are the three main types of Nadi. Everyone’s birth chart displays the position of the moon concerning their pulse. If either the groom or bride has no middle, it is considered property matching.

Is Nadi Dosha's cancellation possible?

If the male and female are born in the same but different house, then nadi dosh gets canceled and has no effect. In astrology, 27 nakshatras have 4 parts known as katanas. The nadi dosh is formed when the moon is present in the Ashwini nakshatra; if the mood is current in both the nakshatras, this is infirm. Some of the nadi dosh remedies are:

  • Chanting the mahamrityunjay mantra will help in lowering the effect of nadi dosha.

  • Feeding cows will help to cancel the effect

  • Donate the food on the marriage anniversary to remove the effect of nadi dosh.

  • Donation of gold to Brahmins.
Nadi Dosha Scientific Reason

If the Nadi dosh is said to be present in the couple's kundalini, then in scientific terms, it is noted as the same bloodline, which will give birth to Blue babies. The presence of nadi dosh will give rise to misunderstanding and unable to understand other person views. Additionally, there will be a lack of intimate connection between them. You can strengthen your possibilities of successful marriage but knowing which planet will support your marriage.

Two people with the same nadi should not marry each other as their children would be weak, stillborn, or may lead to miscarriage. Two people with the same Nadi should not marry each other as their children would be vulnerable, stillborn, or may lead to miscarriage. It will be difficult to convince of pregnancy problems in the 9 months, or the child born will be aggressive, irritable, full of frustration, in obedience, and have bad habits.

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