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Child Birth Prediction by Astrology | Delay in Child Birth Astrology

After marriage, having a child is one of the pleasing aspirations. Learn more about child birth astrology if you struggle to fulfill your dreams. There can be numerous reasons for the delay, but trusting an experienced astrologer can help you with the delay in child birth astrology. There is a dark side to child birth astrology predictions in India, but it is advised not to choose this path.

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Child Birth Prediction in Kundli

Reading the horoscopes of both partners is necessary to understand the delay in child birth astrology. It helps the parents with a solution. Studying and examining some of the houses in specific positions is essential. To know if the couple is or will be blessed with a child, learning the 5th house is necessary. If the 5th house is not in favor, the astrologer might check in the 2nd house, which belongs to the house and family. 11th house speaks of the fulfillment and gains in the house through child birth.

The position of Jupiter matters, in this case, for the progeny. Venus, Mars, and Sun play a significant role in the couple’s horoscopes. Learn more about child birth prediction by date of birth, and you can find a solution to your problems in astrology.

Timing of Child Birth Astrology
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When an astrologer reads the horoscopes for marriage, they also consider the timing of child birth astrology. If it is missed during the marriage prediction, it can be predicted later, as discussed with the astrologer. Child birth is a blessing, and when a couple is waiting for their dream to be fulfilled, astrology is here to find a solution for you.

Child birth is about fulfilling the entire process that takes time, and the couple must be patient and positive. Whether you wish to plan IVF, child adoption, or have a natural child, astrology can guide you in making the right decision. Consult an experienced astrologer to discuss your problems and get a reliable solution.

Your past life can also affect the delay in child birth, but it can be corrected with good karma of your present life. Understanding the delay is necessary to provide an accurate solution to your problem. Learning the dosha in your horoscope is essential to rectify it for the best results. From finding a solution for the delay in child birth to concerning your child’s health, astrology can help.

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