Health Problems In Astrology

Good health is one of the greatest blessings of the Almighty. If you experience frequent health issues, health astrology has a solution to your problems. It is necessary to examine the health horoscopes of the individual to understand their health issues. It gives numerous clues about your health, making it easier to find a solution to your health problems. Finding a solution for health astrology by date of birth is possible through an experienced astrologer. Numerous factors determine the health of an individual in health astrology.

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The Planet And Their Positions In The Health Horoscope

The sixth house of an individual implies sickness, the eighth house speaks of surgery, and the twelfth house denotes hospitalization. When planets are connected in the 6th house, it causes illness or diseases. Regardless of the planet, when they reside in the 6th house and conjoined together causes ailments.

The eighth house in the health astrology chart concerns the lifespan or longevity of an individual’s life. The first and third house also indicates an individual's life connected with the eighth house. It is known as the house of death. It implies mental anxiety, misfortune, accident, surgery, death, suicide, or any mishap from disease.

The twelfth house of health astrology is of hospitalization, imprisonment, loss of wife, secret enemies, loss of marriage, confinement, or repayment of the loan.

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Solutions To Problems Of Health In Astrology

Considering the first house is necessary when finding a solution to health problems in astrology. If the lord in the first house is well-placed by nakshatras and the house, it can give good health to an individual.

The fifth house concerns the absence or cure of the disease as it is the twelfth house to the sixth house of sickness. This house negates the effects of the sixth house of illness and infection. During this period, if the person experienced disease or ailments, the planets connected with this house improve the individual’s health.

Since the eleventh house is the sixth to sixth house, planets connected in this house prevent diseases. If there is no connected planet in the eleventh house, the person cannot be cured of the conditions.

Planets And The Concerning Diseases

Numerous planets represent different diseases concerning the body parts corresponding to health astrology.

Sun – Heart, stomach, back, sinus, head, vitality, left eye of a woman, high fever, joint, the right eye of a man, migraine, etc.

Moon - Blood, lungs, body fluids, left eye of a man, insomnia, brain, right eye of a woman, and asthma. When aligned with Saturn, it may cause dry cough, vomiting, diabetes, etc.

Mars - Nose, blood, chest, bone marrow, red blood cells, gall bladder, thalassemia, bile, etc. It may cause itching, female genital diseases, brain disorders, blood clotting, knee problems, etc.

Mercury - Skin, thyroid, nervous system, face. It also influences mental disorders and ear problems.

Jupiter - Kidneys, liver, and pancreas. When Jupiter is weak, it can cause fat gain, heart tumor, fatty liver, and memory loss.

Venus - It affects the throat glands, cheeks, face, ovarian cysts, urine problems, etc. Impotence is another primary concern of weak Venus.

Saturn - Muscle, teeth, hair, legs, bones, joint pain, gastric problems, physical weakness, arthritis, etc.

Rahu - Rahu is responsible for causing breathing problems, cancer, cataracts, ulcers, stammering issues, etc.

Ketu – Ketu is the karaka planet concerning the abdomen. It leads to mysterious diseases in the body.

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