The Auspicious 5 days of Diwali 2023

Know Diwali 2023 Date


Know Diwali 2023 Date

When is Diwali 2023? We cannot simply categorize Diwali as the festival of light. It is the victory of good over evil, often conversely called the victory of light over darkness. Henceforth, on this day, we worship Goddess Lakshmi with utmost devotion. Further, on this day, Lakshmi Mata visits us and blesses us with wealth and prosperity. Thereupon, we also light earthen lamps to bring purity and goodness. Additionally, we follow all the rituals to bring good luck into our lives. But to teach all the positivity of this festival, we have to celebrate all 5 days of Diwali 2023 on the auspicious Muhurat.


Therefore, to make this unique festival more optimistic, let us know all about the 2023 Diwali date:


Diwali 2023 Date in India- Know When is Diwali in 2023


2023 ki Diwali kab hai? Or Diwali kab hai 2023? On Diwali date, 2023, we decorate our home with lights and diyas. Moreover, we also exchange gifts and affection and wear new clothes. Furthermore, during Diwali in 2023, we also light crackers and celebrate our joy. What else? So, in the evening, we worship Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha, as per the auspicious Muhurat for the 2023 Diwali puja. What more? Some people also donate clothes and eatables to needy people. Overall, Diwali 2023 is the time to bring harmony and positivity to our lives.


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Hence, it is essential to know Diwali 2023 kab hai and to celebrate it as per the Diwali 2023 date in the Indian calendar. Thus, this year, Diwali in 2023 date will fall on November 12, Tuesday. Like Diwali 2023, there is another auspicious festival,Tulsi Vivah 2023


Diwali puja 2023 Muhurat


Now, following are the dates and Muhurat on November 12, 2023, for 2023 me Diwali kab hai:




Start Time

End Time

The Amavasya Tithi

2:44 PM

2:56 PM

Pradosh Kaal

05:08 PM

7:41 PM

Vrishabha Kaal

05:19 PM

07:19 PM

Muhurat for Lakshmi Puja

05:19 PM

to 07:19 PM



Likewise, let us know about the 5 days of Diwali 2023:


Date and Day





November 10th



Trayodashi Tithi

5:27 PM to 7:27 PM

November 11th


Chhoti Diwali

Chaturdashi Tithi

11:05 PM to 11:56 PM

November 12th


Lakshmi Pujan

Amavasya Tithi

5:19 PM to 7:19 PM

November 14th


Govardhan Puja

Pratipada Tithi

5:54 AM to 08:09 AM

November 15th


Bhai Dooj

Dwitiya Tithi

12:38 PM to 2:53 PM


Know About Dev Diwali 2023


Similar to Diwali 2023, another very auspicious festival is Dev Diwali 2023. It, likewise, falls 15 days after Diwali, a holy and sacred festival in Varanasi. Correspondingly, people light Ghats with earthen lamps, lights, and candles. Why so? It is because people believe that on this day, Gods celebrate Diwali. 


Now, if we look into our mythology, then it is the day when Lord Shiva finished the demon Tripurasur. Further, this day is also the birthday of Shiva’s son Kartikey.


Therefore, this year, after 5 days of Diwali 2023, the Dev Diwali will fall on 26th November.


In brief, the 5 days of Diwali 2023 are very auspicious, and they become more special if we celebrate them on the auspicious Muhurat.



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