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Puja For Wealth


If you believe in Vedic astrology, performing a puja for wealth can be beneficial if you are experiencing financial losses. Goddess Lakshmi is associated with the wealth and prosperity of our life. Considering the horoscopes, Venus is the concerning planet responsible for your existing financial state (good or bad). If Venus is not well-placed in your horoscope, it may lead to financial damages creating obstacles in your career and growth prospects. With puja for wealth, you can reverse the ill effects of the wrong placement of Venus. Consulting a professional Brahmin is necessary to find an appropriate mahurat to perform the puja for wealth.

However, you can also perform kuberpuja, which is highly important in Vedic astrology. Performing kuber puja as the puja for wealth can help you attain the desired financial achievement. Kuber is the God of riches, money, and wealth. Numerous Gods have borrowed money from Kuber due to their immense richness. Considering this fact, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has installed a statue of Kuber in the headquarters to show their importance and seek blessings from the lord.

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Importance of worshipping Kuber

The powerful kuber yantra is made of the metals like panchaloha, god, or silver. Performing the puja to this yantra will keep misfortune at bay and bring wealth and prosperity your way. There is no place better than the home locker to place this yantra where one saves all the money. When performing the puja, bring the yantra to put in the altar, which can be later kept back in the locker after the puja.

Kuber mantra

Om Yakshaya, Kuberaya, Vysravanaaya, Danadaanyathipatiye, Dhanadaanya Samudrye Dehi Daapaya Swaha

Kuber Dhyana mantra

Manuja baahya vimana varustitam Garuda ratna nibam nidinayakam Sivasakha mukutadi vibhooshitam- varadehyatam bhajam tamthilam Agasya Deva Devesa Martsyaloka hithechyaa- poojayami vidhanena prasanna sumukobhava

How to perform Kuber puja for wealth?

The thirteenth day of the lunar month, i.e., Trayodasi, is the most auspicious day to perform the kuber puja for wealth. You can also perform the puja in the daytime as there is no adherence but advised to consider the auspiciousness of the mahurat. The day you perform the puja, wake up early to take the holy bath. After cleaning the puja altar thoroughly, place the kuber yantra on the altar. Place the holy flowers on the altar, and decorate the mantra with turmeric paste, akshada (yellow rice), and vermillion.

Begin with Lord Ganesha’s aarti after lighting the lamp with ghee (avoid oil). Additionally, light incense sticks and camphor to perform the aarti to kuber yantra. Offer white jaggery, honey, and dry fruits. Start chanting kuber dhyan mantra followed by the kuber mantra 108 times. When you have completed the puja, meditate for a while with the yantra on the altar in the namaskar position. Ensure that you are fully dedicated while performing the puja and understand the benefits of performing the kuber puja for wealth.

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