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Everyone deserves happiness, but if you struggle with a delay in marriage or an unsuccessful married life, performing a puja for marriage might help. Fixing your marriage or facing issues in it can be heart-wrenching as it brings obstacles in an individual’s life. If you are finding a solution to your marital problems, consult an experienced Vedic astrologer to help you perform the most concerning puja for marriage. Vedic astrology explains everything about the puja for marriage and the rituals involved in the puja.

Planetary combinations and their ill-placement can be the reason behind the problems in marriage or delayed marriage. When you trust experienced Brahmins to perform the religious mantras and chants, it will bring a life-long solution to your problems.

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Why Should You PerformPuja For Marriage?

A partner can ease your life in numerous ways. Whether as a husband or as a wife, both partners live a happy life when there is understanding and love in the marriage, considering the other factors. If you experience Marital Problems In Your Life, you must trust an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer or Brahmin to help you with the appropriate puja procedure. Bring positivity to your married life by chanting dhyan mantras and performing the puja for marriage with the necessary offerings and complete dedication.

The negative impact of the malefic planets can influence your marriage and attract numerous problems to your relationship. It is necessary to pay attention to small details in your relationship. For married women, observing the karwachauth fast is an excellent way to bring love and positivity to their life by seeking blessings from Chauth Mata (the divine avatar of Goddess Gauri). Seek blessings from Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati to strengthen your relationship.

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Mangal Gauri Puja For Marriage

Finding the desired groom or experiencing delayed marriage can be due to numerous reasons. Numerous planets influence your marriage time and how it works out in the future. Lagna Yog concerns your marriage, and seeking blessings from the Goddess Gauri will help you in early marriage and solve other marital problems.

Worshipping the Goddess Gauri is appropriate for everyone, but majorly for unmarried girls and boys. Performing this puja will help you find a suitable groom and open the way to early marriage. Seeking blessings from Goddess Gauri will also help you with abundant married life. Take a holy bath on the day of performing the puja. Offer bananas, fresh flowers, and coconut. Keep green bangals on the altar and ensure you sit in the puja as a couple if you are married.


सर्वमंगल मांगल्ये शिवे सवार्थ साधिके।

शरण्येत्र्यंबके गौरी नारायणी नमोस्तुते।।

Mangal Gauri aarti

जय मंगला गौरी माता, जय मंगला गौरी माता

ब्रह्मा सनातन देवी शुभ फल दाता। जय मंगला गौरी...।

अरिकुल पद्मा विनासनी जय सेवक त्राता,

जग जीवन जगदम्बा हरिहर गुण गाता। जय मंगला गौरी...।

सिंह को वाहन साजे कुंडल है,

साथा देव वधु जहं गावत नृत्य करता था। जय मंगला गौरी...।

सतयुग शील सुसुन्दर नाम सटी कहलाता,

हेमांचल घर जन्मी सखियन रंगराता। जय मंगला गौरी...।

शुम्भ निशुम्भ विदारे हेमांचल स्याता,

सहस भुजा तनु धरिके चक्र लियो हाता। जय मंगला गौरी...। 

सृष्टी रूप तुही जननी शिव संग रंगराताए

नंदी भृंगी बीन लाही सारा मद माता। जय मंगला गौरी...।

देवन अरज करत हम चित को लाता,

गावत दे दे ताली मन में रंगराता। जय मंगला गौरी...।

मंगला गौरी माता की आरती जो कोई गाता

सदा सुख संपति पाता।

जय मंगला गौरी माता, जय मंगला गौरी माता।।

Karpur Gauram mantra

कर्पूरगौरं करुणावतारं संसारसारं भुजगेन्द्रहारम्।

सदा बसन्तं हृदयारविन्दे भवं भवानीसहितं नमामि।।

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