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Pitra Dosha Puja

Pitra Dosha derives its meaning from the word, Pitra, which means forefather or parental ancestry. If your ancestors could not attain peace after death with religious rituals, Pitra dosha might be seen in the upcoming generations. It is among the essential practice in Indian astrology to perform the necessary ways for the eternal peace of the ancestors. According to Vedic astrology, Sun is considered to be the Karaka for father. When Sun shows in the 9th house, or it is afflicted by Lagna malefic, Rahu conjunction is connected with the Lord. This combines to create the Pitra dosha.

Pitra Dosha Puja

Attributes contributing to Pitra Dosha

Three major causes attributed to Pitra dosha include the planets' effects, ancestors’ deeds, and an individual’s karma. In numerous cases where the ancestors fail to perform the basic ancestral rituals for their forefathers, Pitra dosha will be reflected in their horoscope leading further to the generations.

Looking after their aged parents and performing the necessary religious rituals according to the Vedas and astrologers ensure that the dosha is lifted from an individual.

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Effects of Pitra Dosha

There are numerous effects of Pitra dosha that can be seen in the day-to-day life happenings of an individual.

  • Lack of mental peace and failure to succeed in various spheres of life.
  • Unnatural deaths can also be due to the Pitra dosha in the horoscope.
  • Infants born with Pitra dosha can experience physical health problems or disabilities when born or in their later years.
  • Married life can also be troubled when pitra dosha is found in an individual’s horoscope.
  • It can be due to the dosha if you are getting into unexpected and unfavorable arguments in different environments.
  • Delay in marriages and hurdles in auspicious events can result from pitra dosha.

How to perform Pitra Dosha Puja?

While performing pitra dosha puja, it is necessary to worship the Lord with the prescribed samagri and the relevant procedure to lift the dosha.

  • Under the guidance and the relevant mantras performed by the Brahmins, one must do pind-daan with an offering like jaggery, rice, sweets, etc.
  • The person or family must be part of the puja vidhi and experience the entire procedure.
  • With a lighted lamp with added ghee, individuals must pray to the Lord for the eternal satisfaction of their known and unknown ancestors. Shraddha is key to the successful completion of the pitra dosha puja.
  • The individuals must only bring new clothes, including a napkin, gamcha, white dhoti for men, and plain colored saree and blouse for women.
  • Eating satvik food is also crucial while performing the puja, which should adhere to onion and garlic.
  • Offer food to Brahmins, cows, or the needy after the puja vidhi has been completed.
  • Any individual performing the puja should not smoke, drink alcohol, or eat non-veg food in the coming few days, including the day of performing rituals.

Pitra dosha puja mantra

"Om Pitrabhya devatabhya  mahayogibhyech cha , Namah swaha swadhyaya cha Nityamev namah" .

 “Om Shreem Sarva Pitra Dosha Nivaranay Klesham Han Han Sukh Shantim Dehi Phat Swaha.”

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