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Air is their element.

Fixed in terms of their Cardinal.

Pink, Blue and Green are their lucky colours.

Friday is the lucky day.

Venus is their ruling planet.

Gemini are the most compatible with Libra.

6, 15, 24, 33, 42, 51, 60 are their lucky numbers.





They are thoughtful and modest and tend to adapt easily to the situation. They are persuasive, affectionate, generous, sympathetic and cheerful. The balance tends to restore equilibrium in every sphere of their life as true to its symbol. They tend to receive help from great peoples in their life span. They usually spend their entire life in their native places more.




The most logical and well balanced sign of all is Libra. The tend to gain their mental stabilty in rough condition but when disturbed they loose their calm and become stubborn or quarrelsome and depressed. A Libra is truly sensitive to heart and mind, yet curious to find the logical reasoning of things around them.




They have a thin and tall skeletal body structure, mostly they posses conspicuous veins. They may have thick nose but are attractive. They are most likely to suffer from backache, lower back pain, skin diseases, hair, throat, stomach, kidney and vein problems, as Venus is their ruling planet.


Money and Career for Libra 


The Libra loves to act more than to speak, and so they tend to hide their dreams, but nourish them within themselves and then achieve it. They love to do more social work and serve their surroundings. These individuals are great learners and true intelligence. Their early life may mark struggle but they are destined to shine out of struggles. They tend to achieve what they dream of.


Love and Friendship


A Libra builds a great friendship with their natural charm and easily mix with their surroundings between their family and friends. They are loyal to their loved ones and have one of the most trustworthy relationships and friend circles. They might have their inner struggles as they try to please all surrounding them.

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