Which Planet is Responsible for Extramarital Affairs?

Astrology is something that can go deep into understanding the relationships like which planet is responsible for extramarital affairs. When we talk about extramarital affairs, some planets play an important role in influencing such thoughts in people. By analysing these planetary effects on people, we can know why some people become more prone to have relationships outside of their marriage. 

- Venus:

  - It is a planet of love and romance, thus it plays an important role.

  - There could be negative effects or placements in the 5th, 7th, or 12th houses that can indicate a tendency towards affairs outside the house.

  - A weak Venus influence can also drive a person to look for external love or acceptance. 

- Mars:

  - Symbolizes passion and desire.

  - Unfavorable positioning can lead to impulsive romantic engagements outside of marriage.

  - When Mars is aggressive in a chart, it can create conflicts that push one to look for solace elsewhere.

- Rahu:

  - The North Node of the Moon, associated with illusions and obsessions.

  - Can trigger unconventional and hidden relationships.

  - Rahu’s influence can create a strong attraction to taboo or forbidden relationships.

- Conjunctions:

  - Strong Venus-Mars conjunctions can amplify sexual desires leading to seeking pleasure outside marriage.

  - This conjunction often makes individuals more adventurous and prone to risky romantic escapades.

- Positive Influences:

  - A well-placed Jupiter promotes moral values and fidelity, acting as a deterrent to extramarital affairs.

  - Jupiter’s influence fosters wisdom and ethical behaviour, supporting marital harmony.

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Extramarital issues can be resolved with astrological insights. By examining planetary influences like Venus, Mars, and Rahu, astrologers identify the root causes and offer remedies. Seek expert guidance to restore harmony and strengthen your marriage today.

Chances of Extramarital Affairs in Astrology

Astrology doesn't just focus on specific planets but looks at the overall chart dynamics to determine the likelihood of extramarital affairs. By examining various houses and their interactions with different planets, astrologers can predict the chances of such relationships occurring.

- 7th House:

  - Signifies partnerships and marriage.

  - The presence of malefic planets like Rahu or Ketu can indicate marital disturbances, increasing the chances of extramarital affairs.

  - These planets can bring instability and distrust, leading one to seek comfort outside the marriage.

- 12th House:

  - Represents hidden matters.

  - Planets present in this house can suggest secretive relationships.

  - The 12th house here indicates the hidden desires and not-so-good activities that are present that are affecting marital life.

- D9 Chart (Navamsa Chart):

  - Focuses on marital harmony.

  - A troubled Navamsa chart can indicate marital discord, leading to extramarital engagements.

  - Issues in the D9 chart often reflect deeper unresolved conflicts within the marriage.

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Understand and Resolve Extramarital Affairs

Trying to understand the astrological reasons behind extramarital affairs is the first step you can take to finish them. Astrology gives numerous remedies in the form of homams, mantras and many more to help this underlying issue, fostering a more longing marital relationship.

- Astrological Consultation:

  - Identifies planetary influences causing extramarital tendencies.

  - Provides personalized insights and practical solutions to improve marital harmony.

  - A detailed reading can reveal specific time frames and triggers that increase the risk of infidelity.

- Counseling and Communication:

  - Helps couples understand each other’s needs and fosters a deeper connection.

  - Addresses root causes and prevents recurrence of extramarital affairs.

  - Effective communication strategies, combined with astrological guidance, can significantly improve relationship dynamics.

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In summary, extramarital affairs astrology offers essential insights into the causes of such relationships and provides methods to address them. By comprehending the planetary influences and striving to harmonize these energies, individuals and couples can improve their marital relationship, ensuring a more satisfying and loyal partnership. Whether through astrological remedies, counselling, or personal endeavours, astrology acts as a guide to navigate the complexities of extramarital affairs and foster a harmonious married life. 

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Astrology identifies the planetary influences causing extramarital tendencies, such as the positions of Venus, Mars, and Rahu. By understanding these influences, astrologers provide tailored remedies and guidance to resolve these issues and strengthen the marriage.

Venus, Mars, and Rahu are key planets influencing extramarital affairs. Venus affects love and romance, Mars symbolizes passion and desire, and Rahu is associated with illusions and obsessions.

Yes, astrological remedies such as specific mantras, rituals, and personalized guidance can help prevent infidelity by addressing the underlying planetary influences and promoting marital harmony.

An astrologer can analyze your birth chart, focusing on the 7th and 12th houses and the D9 (Navamsa) chart, to assess the likelihood of extramarital affairs and identify potential risks in your marriage.

Consulting Astroambe for a detailed reading can provide insights into the planetary influences affecting your marriage. Following their recommended remedies, such as mantras, rituals, and counseling, can help improve communication, address issues, and strengthen your marital bond.
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