Out of twelve astrological signs, Capricorn is the hard-working one. Capricorn people are very ambitious. They can work continuously to achieve respect and success. This zodiac sign is 270 to 300 degrees.


The lord of this zodiac is Saturn. Saturn’s metal is Iron. The native of Capricorn is a great disciplinarian. People of this zodiac sign get relief by completing whatever work they choose. The sign of zodiac Capricorn is believed to be Capricorn, which is an aquatic organism.


Day:  Saturday

Colour: Brown, Black

Ruler: Saturn

Element: Earth

Quality: Cardinal

Lucky Number: 4, 8

Greatest Overall Compatibility: Taurus, Cancer


Capricorn’s Mentality


The native of Capricorn is judicious, financially confident, strong, willful, considerate and practical. They are very calculative and business-minded people. They possess secret, quiet, mental talent.


Capricorn’s Personality


The Capricorns are often able to change careers and do not hesitate at all. They also have very good organized capabilities with good tolerance capabilities. Capricorn shows serious, alert, competent and sustained efforts. They don’t display their emotions easily, but they are very understanding and sympathetic. They can easily be cheated or fooled.


Capricorn’s Intelligence


A Capricorn is self-centred, but the native is stubborn by nature. Apart from this, the people of Capricorn are more ambitious, serious and dedicated to their work. They have a very methodical and highly structured way of thinking in making smart decision. Capricorn people are very intelligent and can put their brain to good use.


Capricorn in love


The native of Capricorn is a very emotional person but becomes slow and steady in approaching the opposite sex. They are bold and clear when they come to present emotions. They are very loving and caring and kind to heart. Capricorn is an idealistic option for marriage. 


Capricorn in business


Capricorn is usually involved in business like a live contractor, Irrigation Department, and also successful in agricultural work. When Mars is in favour, they can also do business like engineering, cement construction, and also do business like bricks ownership. Capricorns are usually deep thinkers, dealers of scientific instruments, and crystal pastures. When Jupiter is in a safe state, they a successful doctor and scientist.

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