Which Astrology is More Accurate? Understand more about Vedic and Western Astrology

Discover the accuracy of Vedic and Western astrology, comparing their methods and effectiveness, especially in marriage predictions. Learn which astrology might be more accurate for your needs.



Which Astrology is More Accurate? A Comprehensive Comparison


Which Astrology is Considered to be the More Accurate One?


There are individuals and families concerned to know which astrology is more accurate for personal issues whether it is related to childbirth family relations or marriage. This is where astrology comes in. Both Vedic and Western astrology provide a unique way to combat these situations, but the question arises which is the more accurate astrology? In this blog, we will gain insights into the astrological aspects of both Vedic and Western astrology and see which offers effective remedies to overcome these challenges.



Understanding Different Types of Astrology


 Vedic Astrology


Vedic astrology, also known as Jyotish shastra, began in India and is deeply rooted in our Hindu culture. It uses the zodiac signs, which consider the fixed positions of constellations to study them. Key features of Vedic astrology include:


- Nakshatras (Lunar Mansions): Vedic astrology focuses on the 27 lunar mansions, which provide in-depth insights into the destiny of an individual.

- Dashas (Planetary Periods): The Dasha system anticipates life events based on the planetary periods during different phases of life.

- Kundli (Birth Chart): A detailed birth chart that maps the positions of planets at the time of birth.


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 Western Astrology


Western astrology, widely practised in the Western world, uses the tropical zodiac, which is based on Earth's seasons and its orbit around the Sun. Key features of Western astrology include:


- Sun Signs: The zodiac signs are based on the position of the Sun, which changes every month.

- Houses and Aspects: Western astrology focuses on the 12 houses and the aspects (angles) between planets.

- Horoscopes: Daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes are popular tools for guidance.


 Which Type of Astrology is More Accurate?


 Vedic vs. Western Astrology


When comparing Vedic and Western astrology, several factors come into play:


1. Zodiac System: Vedic astrology is considered more accurate by some because it gives the most accurate information. Even a gradual shift in the Earth's axis affects the position of stars over time.


2. Detail and Depth: Vedic astrology often provides more detailed and specific forecasts due to its use of the Dasha system and Nakshatras.


3. Cultural Relevance: The accuracy of astrology can also depend on cultural aspects as well. Vedic astrology may resonate more with those familiar with Hindu traditions, while Western astrology aligns with Western culture.


 Which Astrology is More Accurate for Marriage?


When it comes to marriage, Vedic astrology is considered more accurate due to its detailed analysis of compatibility and timing. Key elements include:


- 1. Saturn (Shani): Saturn is the most common planet associated with delays. Known for its slow movement, meaning that it didn't leave its place soon. It tends to bring obstacles that can be in any form, one of them is postponing marriage.

2. Rahu and Ketu: These shadow planets can create confusion and unexpected hurdles, often leading to delays on important days including marriage.

3. Mars (Mangal): Mars, especially when causing Mangal Dosha, can delay marriage due to its aggressive and disruptive energy and generally people can have its effect for over 30 years.

4. Venus (Shukra): As the planet of love and relationships, an afflicted Venus can result in difficulties finding a suitable partner and thus delay marriage.


 Which Astrology is More Accurate in the World?


The question of which astrology is more accurate globally is subjective and depends on every person's beliefs and cultural contexts. Both Vedic and Western astrology have their strengths but Vedic astrology is a more precise and trusted one.


- Vedic Astrology: Known for its detailed predictions and remedies, particularly in India.


- Western Astrology: Widely popular in the Western world, known for its psychological insights and symbolic connections.


Ultimately, the accuracy of astrology may vary based on personal resonance with the system and the skill of the astrologer.




To determine which astrology is more accurate—Vedic or Western—depends on what one is seeking from the practice. Vedic astrology offers detailed, event-specific predictions and remedies, making it particularly effective for matters like marriage, that is why Vedic astrology is considered the most accurate one among people.

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