Fire is the element.

Cardinal in quality.

Red is the predominant color.

Tuesday is the day

Mars is the planet's ruler.

Libra and Leo have the best overall compatibility.

1, 8, 17 are lucky numbers.


 Mars, the burning and unyielding world, rules Aries. Their competitive spirit and their physical activity are all influenced by this glowing red high explosive. As a result, Aries is hell-bent on winning at any cost. This symbol is very well-prepared to handle the majority of critical cases. They are straightforward and clear in their behavior, and they are often irritated by excessive descriptions and complexities.


With their joyful nature and relentless resolve, Aries is an enthusiastic, inspired, and optimistic leader who creates community. Aries is a fiery and brave sign. They have a strong sense of wonder and enjoy going on adventures. They have a lot of stamina and can act quickly. They may be impatient as well. However, they are naturally busy and dislike wasting time. 


The rashness and frustration to get things finished quickly, as well as your failure to finish what you began, puts you under tension, which has a negative impact on your eating habits and fitness. If the Moon is burdened in an Aries Natal Chart, it causes blood, liver, and respiratory problems. Because of their over activity and violence, Aries are vulnerable to acne, rashes, and headaches.

 Love and Marriage

When it comes to marriage, an Aries is a straightforward and forthright partner. When dating an Aries, you'll usually know exactly where you are and they don't play mind games. Aries is a devoted lover, who can also become addicted to sensual pleasures and sexual experiences. Aries become incapable of concealing their feelings, because they express them verbally. Aries are extremely loving on their best days.


They will inspire others because of their innate leadership and determination to see things through, as well as their work ethic and endurance to handle the long hours. Aries wants to be in control, and they are eager to demonstrate their bold sense of duty when it comes to law enforcement.

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