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Shani Puja

When performing Shani puja, it is necessary to be precautious as we all are well-known for the anger of Lord Shani. If the Shani planet is disturbed in your horoscope, experienced astrologers suggest performing Shani puja to please the Lord while observing fast on a Saturday with the necessary offerings. However, some particular rules and inclusions must be considered before performing the puja.

Shani Puja

What to keep in mind before performing the Shani puja?

Lord Shani is known for his anger, and when performing the Shani puja, it is necessary to keep in mind the things or offerings that may offend the Lord. It can turn into negative impacts than benefitting from the puja. If you are performing the puja, remember not to use copper utensils. Copper connects to the Lord Surya. Lord Shani is the son of Lord Surya, but at the same time, they are enemies. You can use iron utensils when worshipping Lord Shani.

If you love bright colors, avoid them when worshipping Lord Shani, as he loves black color. Ensure that you only wear black or blue clothes on Saturday when fasting or performing a ritual relating to Lord Shani. Adhere to a red color as it is for the planet Mars and the connecting Lord is the enemy of Lord Shani.

Speaking of the direction, you must follow the west direction when performing the puja or any offerings to Lord Shani. We often follow the east direction when performing religious rituals, but Lord Shani is the lord of the west, which is why the west direction should be followed.

Lord Shani has been cursed. When someone looks into his eyes, they will get hurt; this belief has been truly worshipped by many. You must not look into his eyes when worshipping. People do not keep Lord Shani’s statue at home due to this fact.

When offering bhog, ensure that you must include jaggery, sesame, and khichdi as it impresses the Lord.

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Benefits of performing Shani Puja

  • Under the influence of “sade saati,” performing Shani puja with the necessary offerings and rituals can lift the malefic effect.
  • Having a wrong placement of Saturn in the horoscope can affect the numerous phases of your life, but you can improve your life by performing Shani puja.
  • Shani puja also helps people with harmful effects in their careers. It helps people with their career growth, promotion, new job, and other aspects of their professional life.
  • It dilutes the negative karma and brings positivity, prosperity, and good health.

What to do in the Shani puja?

  • 23000 Chanting of Lord Shani.
  • Perform the Shani puja according to the auspicious muhurta.
  • Shani Chalisa path and Ashtottara Namavali path
  • Mantra for the Shani puja – Om Pram Preem Proum Sah Shanaye Namah (ॐ प्रां प्रीं प्रौं स: शनये नम:).
  • Purvang Karma (MatraPujan, Abhyudaya, Ganesh Pujan, Punyawachan, Rakshavidhan, KalashSthapana, Navgrah Puja).
  • 5. Homam (Havan).
  • Lord Shani Prayer and Aarti.

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