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Know Your Foreign Settlement Chances through Vedic Astrology

Foreign Settlement and Settlement Visa Astrology illustrate your opportunities to settle abroad. Do you dream of immigrating outside your country but for any reason, you cannot fulfil your dream? Are you worried because of it? Do not fret because our Vedic astrology has a solution for it.

Vedic astrology revolves around the calculation of planets and other celestial bodies. It is an ancient science that helps astrologers give solutions for ‘how to get visa settlement’? But what is a settlement Visa means? Various houses in a native’s horoscope tell about the chances of migrating abroad. Therefore, a settlement Visa meaning is to reduce the uncertainties of abroad settlement from a person’s life. 

Chances through Vedic Astrology
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All the houses, planets and their combination play a significant role in the realm of astrology. Their movement attributes to every shift in life. Some planets are also responsible for abroad travel as this is where foreign settlement horoscope comes into the picture. 

What indicates foreign settlement? Which planets are responsible for foreign settlement? Will I settle abroad? There is no specific planet responsible for moving abroad? The different constellation of planets and their lord play a significant role in moving abroad. However, the prime planet for international travel is Rahu. Though, Ketu, Mars and Moon are also crucial for foreign travel.

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Foreign Settlement House

When a knowledgeable astrologer analyses a horoscope, then he predicts foreign settlement by date of birth. He can also predict foreign settlement palmistry by reading the hand lines. The planetary position in the 3rd denotes short foreign journeys. Natives with a beneficiary 4th house have strong chances of foreign settlement. At the same time, an excellent 8th house indicates investment and travel in the outside territory. The 9th house shows a long journey over water, and the 11th and 12th houses are essential in travelling to a foreign land.

Besides these, planetary combinations also play a significant role in travel and settlement abroad. Like, the lord of 4th, 5th, 8th, and 9th house makes a specific combination with 12th house or any combination between 8th, 9th and 12th lord. Similarly, the relation between the 7th and 10th house and the 12th house is also crucial for Foreign Settlement and Settlement Visa Astrology.

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