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Air is their element.

Fixed in terms of their stability.

Aqua Blue and Navy Blue are their lucky colours.

Saturday is the lucky day.

Saturn and Uranus are their ruling planet.

Gemini and Libra are the most compatible with Aquarius.

4, 8, 13, 17, 22, 26, 31, 35 are their lucky numbers.




Aquarius is a born leader, social charm, free-spirited, modern, independent and most attractive in the group. The water bearer is truthful to friends and family and most sincere of all the signs. They have great skill in the fields of science, inventions and philosophy. They are the most considerate and cooperative to their friends as well as their enemies. Their inborn supporting, encouraging and optimism filled heart goes to lengths to support anyone even strangers, with truly genuine and unconditional help.




When we say the frankest, tolerant and open-minded the Aquarius has to be the sign. They are unprejudiced, quick-wittedness, emotional and imaginative. Their strong intuitions and powerful and quick imagination power are a gift, yet sometimes their detached, cold, stubborn and over imagination creates trouble for themselves in their relationships and families. 




They have a healthy body structure, mostly they possess fat fore and hind limbs. They tend to suffer from regular headaches, and stomach problems frequently. They may also suffer from problems with their eyes, lower leg bones, ankles and shin and calf muscles.


Money and Career for Aquarius


They may have a shaky start to their career, and frequently change their jobs and career paths which are a part of their explorations and not their weakness. But when they truly pursuit they perform their level best and earn really good with intellectuality and rapid thinking and decision making.


Love and Friendship


Their practical nature lets them see through the betrays approaching. They are choosy to while making their friend so they have more of acquaintances but only a few close friends. They usually possess friendship with a higher state and great calibre. They are one of the pleasant and most progressive companions to be with, but they lack the quality to culminate a deep and strong relationship. The sign value more to their surroundings and the whole of the world than just being selfish up to themselves.

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